Sunday, June 13, 2010

Current status? ;)

heh;) Just a quick update..

I'm taken & he's AWESOME

ILY :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Best Confession

Same candles. Just without you, without lighting it up.

It was so sweet and romantic. But I'm sorry I had to ruin it. I just wasn't ready. I thought I was before this. Sorry for leading you into it. I really wanted to say yes, I want to try. But my mind was just so messed up. I couldn't bring myself to say yes even though I wanted to.

Just so many things going through in my mind. I'm going NZ soon. You said it's okay.. But I don't think it'll be. I'm only looking for relationships that will last. I'm still trying to consider whether I should take the risk with you or not.

It IS your first. I don't want to ruin it for you. I don't want your first relationship to be a long distant relationship. I didn't know a guy like you had such a sweet and gentle side. I was so not comfortable last night. We've been friends for quite awhile and I just didn't expected those things you did and said. Are you really ready to commit in a relationship? Because I'm really worried.. All those times you've been single and flirtatious. Now because of me you wana settle down? Wow.. =) Just be sure, because I can be a very sensitive girlfriend;)

I hope you're still gona talk to me. I hope you won't avoid me =/

But I was really happy and thrilled. I need to think it through. Will you wait?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Physics is NOT my thing

That's the (don't know how many)th time i've said that today. GAHH.. I hate physics. My worse subject of all. Well at least now I don't have to deal with it for a couple of weeks now =)

The things I will do when I'm having exam stress and panic attack:
1) Eat, eat and eat!
Seriously! I have no idea what's wrong with me. I've been munching on snacks throughout studying. I JUST CANT HELP IT! Even if i just had my dinner, i can still munch. GAH.. i'm growing into a fatty boom.=(

2) Hoping/Jumping/Dancing around the house
Yeap. That's what I do to stay awake=)

3) Being vain
Uhuh. That's because i have those long mirror right on the wall and my desk is placed really near it. So i will just push myself behind with my chair and start admiring myself in the mirror. Starts tying my hair into different styles or just starts doing silly expression.

4) Screams in high octave ~DO~!
I did that today before the starting of Physics paper 2! It really helps to release stress though=)

What about you? =)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's Next?

I wana believe it is true.

I wana feel special, appreciated. There were times when I was upset, but I never show it. In the end I put on a smiley face. You've tested my patience and tolerance, I've passed. Now what?

Every small problems that happened makes you think that its not possible. You give up so easily. Whereas I'm still trying my best. Because I really wana try.

I'm afraid too. Sometimes I don't dare to tell what's really on my mind or what I'm feeling. That's because I'm scared you'll get fed up or annoyed. I'c scared its not what you wana hear. I'm scared you'll just walk off.

So now I'm being so very careful.. and so very patient. I don't want to rush things. Until you're really sure, tell me. Because what I feel for you is real. Is yours real too?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Will We Meet Again?

There are so many things circling around my head now.. =S


It's not going anywhere.. Yet, I'm still not willing to cut you off. But I'm just afraid in the end, you'll tell me we're just friends again. You've said that to me twice. But we're now back to square one again. You do know how I feel for you, but what about you? I feel something. But I don't wana guess and give false hope to myself. I want to hear it from you..


I just realised I only have half a year left in Malaysia. I'll be gone for more than 4 years. or maybe not even coming back. I have so many things yet to do. So many missions. I can't just leave my friends, family and my comrades here just like that. I don't wana go.. Its my last year of high school, I'm loving it. I don't wana lose this feeling.

When I go, I'll lose all of you.. Friendships are hard to be kept forever. I'll lose you too..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

[baby i never seen someone with your body
you make me wanna get a little notty
hey baby come in get it it's all yours
baby baby~
tell me what you what you waiting for]

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Just Can't Stop Smiling

I just can't stop the curving of my lips. ;) & YOU know why

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Its been awhile

I know its been NOt awhile but a LOOONG time sinc I've updated. Never really wanted to anyways. Was forced by LIEW MUN YEE..

This is for you MUN MUN! =D I'll update when I'm not so busy with cheerleading and this whole sports day thing alright? Heaps have happened. Don't know where to start=P

Monday, January 25, 2010

For the sake of it

Its been awhile since I've updated. Been really busy. Holding effing lots of positions this year (gona start bragging =P) like blue cheer so called captain, Speech & Drama vice president, stupid secretary in badminton(stupid sean and gang), head of event management for prefectorial and head of publicity for editorial. (Screw syafi! =P)
Valentine's Day is near and this year we have a competitor. ENTERPRENEUR CLUB! You guys make my life harder la.. I have to plan the selling of roses and etc. Along with my committee we cracked our head like shit. Gona announce more about it maybe tomorrow. SUPPORT ME!
Just came back from leadership camp. It was alright la.. Kinda fun coz stayed up the whole night gossiping. Pauline and her idiot-ness =P Mandeep being freaking gay by wearing my damn fitting sweater(Its on facebook) and lots more other people. Had another injury again. Guess my dad is gona ban me from going for outings again. Always brought back some kind of injury. All the photos are in facebook laa.. Blogspot damn slow la if wana photos.
The end(short and simple)
Bang-ing off,

Monday, December 28, 2009

2nd hand books for sale!!

I GOT 2ND HAND BOOKS!! HALF PRICE! I HAVE FORM 4-5 BOOKS! Art Class punya also got. If u want pls pls pls text me asap! If I'm not mistaken, I have some form 2 & 3 books too. Tell me wad u want and I'll check it for you. FASTTT!


[btw, prom was really awesome. Will update on my next post]

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Freedom of Speech =)

WOKAY! I think my patience and tolerance is up. As this is my blog I will feel free to write whatever I want. Even though I know soon you guys will come spamming on my chatbox

Girls, you know who you are. Not gona mention names for privacy purposes. Come on, you've been bitching about for like how many years? Even after you have left you still bitch about me on facebook. Aren't you tired? Why must you do that in public? So that everyone can see how great you are bitching about some girl and her boyfriend? You girls are older than me. Start acting like one.

I admit, I had my wrong doings in the past. And I have to say I'm really sorry. But now its my and his life. He's a big boy to be able to handle his own life. He doesn't need his friends bitching about his girlfriend. What good does it do? What do you gain by doing this? You guys are going college. I already said sorry. I don't expect you to be ok with me again.

To another girl. I really appreciated that you made the first move that day. and I thought everything was ok. But suddenly, in your blog, you wrote about you-know-what. I don't understand why you did it. But i have to say what you wrote on your blog, it was wrong. I wasn't gona burst coz of you. Me and drew had our own issues before that. So sorry i made you feel like you were the cause of it. But don't worry mate, It's not =) And again, I'm sorry for my wrong doings.

Now you have some options to make. Which include
  1. Continue bitching more about me
  2. Stop bitching about me as it does no good

or I don't know... go up agaisnt me more? But whatever it is, I just hope you guys can at least forget it. Not hoping for you guys to forgive. But you have to admit, I wasn't wrong all the time. And you guys would never give in and say sorry as it'll ruin all those hardworks of you guys trying to break us up and hurting me by saying all those mean things.

And girls, I am never going to bitch about you guys ever again. [if i ever did]

Wishing all of you a merry x'mas and good luck in your life =)

Yours sincerely,

The bitch that you hate =)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lavin's wedding cum Gathering =D

>3 days 2 nights in SG. LONG<

We're HORNY! =D

I'm gona post up photos coz my blog looks dull. Credit to Mashi! Its not in sequence btw

Bang-ing off,

Friday, November 27, 2009

Lavin's wedding+prom

So about like 2 months ago, I found out that my ex junior 6 Maths teacher who left Suria and came to Cahaya was getting married. So he ask me to infrom the others 6 joy bunch. =D I overnight at mashi's place for 3 days 2 nights. It was really great to meet back all my Junior 6 friends. Thanks guys for making those 3 days totally awesome.

Photos are in Mashi's and Ghia's blog. =D malas wana post it up. =)

I can't believe school has ended. Drew left school.. Well, not yet. He's still having his SPM. =P But i wonder how is it gona be like next year without him in school. For 4 freaking years, i always had him with me. I could see him everyday and could spend time everyday. But now, not anymore=(

But the good thing is he can get his driving license and drive me everywhere! MY NEW DRIVER! =D

Prom is coming. =) I begged my dad to let me go. =D Bought my dress yesterday. Not gona post the picture here. I'm gona surprise drew. =)

OKAY! That was all for my short updates. When I have the mood, I'll post some photos up. Hopefully i can=)

Have a nice holiday everyone. Time for Gossip Girl [YES MASHI! I'm watching it on PPS so no need to borrow d=)]

(it's been a long time since I said this) Bang-ing off,

New link=)

Changed my link and it can be read by everyone now =)

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's different

This time, it's really not like the other fights we always have. This time is serious. I don't know what else to do anymore. I don't know what will happen next. But all I know is if we don't do something about it, there's really no turning back.

Love is not everything. We need to trust, tolerate and understand. I hate it when you lie. I hate it when we talk back about the past. I hate it when we always try to get even.

Tell me. What should I do now? I tried my best. I know you did too. So, what's the real problem?

We both know this is not a healthy relationship. We're pulling each other down instead of encouraging each other to move forward. We're supposed to be cheering each other up when we're down. But instead, we are the reason for all the sad moments we have.

What should I do? Try again? or just simply move on. This was our final chance. Remember? Did we try hard enough? Or if we did, maybe the problem is US. Tell me.. What decision should we make now